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Town of Easton

The Town of Easton is one of the most beautiful agricultural communities in the Hudson River Valley.  From the mountains on the east, to the Hudson River on the west, the landscape is enhanced by the patchwork of open fields and wooded areas.  The numerous streams, including the BattenKill, support the Town’s diverse wildlife and wild-flowers, and provide water supply for other communities.  The rolling hills and river valley offer a diverse landscape for a variety of more than 30 agricultural businesses – dairy, beef, horses, sheep, vegetables, fruits, field crops, plus small scale ventures such as apiaries, vineyards, emus, goats, and poultry.  There are also agricultural products stores, a veterinary clinic for small and large animals including bovine, a farm machinery business, an organic dairy, and two organic farms serving the region as Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) operations.  Residents and visitors enjoy locally grown produce available at the many farm stands, homemade ice cream, and world-famous melons.  The Washington County Fair, one of the largest agricultural fairs in NYS and now celebrating its 50th year at the Easton location, has year-round activities including auctions, and education and regional events.  Easton also has two golf courses overlooking the BattenKill Corridor, and picturesque views which can be enjoyed while hiking at trails at the Dionondehowa Falls, and at the Willard Mountain Ski Area where many winter sports events are held.

Easton has been progressive in its protection of farmland and scenic viewsheds.  Its proximity to the Saratoga National Historical Park and other quality historic sites make it a valuable heritage tourism destination.  The ridge above the river valley is highly visible from priority historic sites and the Historical Park, as is the ridge encompassing Willard Mountain, Wheldon and Schuyler Mountains.  Much of these lands have retained their historic contextual and environmental integrity.  Efforts to sustain this state through conservation easements and other land protection strategies continue to be a high priority.  The town government supports preservation by stimulating interest and implementing a variety of legislative overlays.  Since 1992, they have had a successful partnership with the Agricultural Stewardship Association which has together protected 4,240 acres on 27 separate farmland protection easements.

Town of Easton Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan