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Town and Village of Greenwich

The Village of Greenwich, situated on the Battenkill, is a rural waterfront community that appreciates, stewards, and sustains its many resources.  The Battenkill, a nationally recognized trout stream, provides a dramatic backdrop for the village which has been called “the most extraordinary, beautiful and architecturally intact village in all of upstate New York”.  It’s vibrant, walkable district is  host to the Whipple City Festival and Greenwich Downtown Harvest Festival, and is at the heart of a diverse economy that supports a niche of early American art and furniture.  Nineteenth-century storefronts line Main Street and provide distinctive dining and shopping in a historic small town environment.

The Village of Greenwich completed a Vision Plan in 2010 that provides direction for the redevelopment of downtown.  Through community dialogue participants explored their values and strengths related to history and sense of place, the recreational and leisure activities, and important components of the local economy.  Community goals include:

  • Establish a sustainable diversified village economy, strengthening the Main Street business district as the center of commercial activity, and bringing appropriate new uses to strategic redevelopment sites.
  • Respect and market the historic and traditional characteristics that define Greenwich including the history and historic buildings, traditional compact village characteristics, cultural resources, and natural setting.

The Town of Greenwich aspires to be a vibrant 21st century rural community in Washington County.  Their 2004 Comprehensive Plan calls for the Town to continue to be an agricultural center for Washington County and the region.  The community will continue to focus on offering a high quality of life for residents and visitors and will encourage and manage growth while preserving its historic, cultural and natural resources for this and future generations.

The Town also celebrates its outstanding national assets including Carter Pond Wildlife Management Area and the Denton Wildlife Preserve, both of which offer nature observation, fishing, hunting, trapping and canoeing.

Town and Village of Greenwich Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan