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Town of Halfmoon

 The Town of Halfmoon has the advantage of being bounded on two sides by two powerful and intrinsically beautiful rivers giving the community tremendous opportunities for recreation.  This advantage provides a high quality of life for residents.  However, it also has the capacity to encourage development at a pace that may negatively impact the Town’s natural resources, community character, and infrastructure.  The 2007 Waterfront Vision Plan, and 2010 Natural Resource and Open Space Conservation Plan were prepared to develop strategies that will conserve unique natural areas and culturally important open space within the Town that could be lost to future development pressures.

One of the most prominent goals in the plan is to identify opportunities to link trails, complete trail systems and to enhance trails through the permanent protection of open space.  Progress is being made to achieve this vision through the development of the Trails Master Plan adopted by the Town in January 2006.  The Trails Master Plan provides vision and direction for the development of alternative transportation and recreation in the Town.

The Town owns nearly the entire Erie Canal and Old Champlain Canal and Towpath within its borders.  This provides an opportunity to make significant progress on completing all trail segments along this corridor.  Public lands along the Old Champlain Canal are being developed into “linear parks” or multi-use trails with various amenities, such as, trailhead parking and interpretative signage.  Recent achievements include the construction of several miles of trails on the historic Champlain Canal Towpath, and 1.75 miles of trail on the Historic Erie Canalway Corridor.

Visions for the waterfront include expanded access to scenic views and recreational opportunities.  A key project is developing approximately 3 acres on the Hudson River into a waterfront park.  Amenities planned for this park include river access and docking for car-top boats, picnic area with pavilion, restrooms, and green space for open play.

Town of Halfmoon Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan