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Town of Northumberland

Northumberland was formed from the Town of Saratoga  in 1798 making it the fourth oldest community in Saratoga County.  The land surface is generally level but often broken by deep ravines.  A line of clay and slate bluffs 30-100 feet high extend along the Hudson River.  The Town of Northumberland is rich with very large, multi-generational dairy farms which distinguish it as a highly scenic rural community.  Some farm families, particularly in the hamlet of Bacon Hill, were the original settlers to the area following the Native Americans.  Historic records indicate that in 1700 the Mahican Indians had two distinct Villages in Northumberland.

With the Hudson River nearby, Bacon Hill became a major hub of activity.  The river is a major asset and a source of water power, one of the main reasons pioneers settled.  The western shore of the river was the theater for border warfare common to the corridor.

Northumberland has a distinguished scenic and historic landscape that is enhanced by having numerous highly significant historic, natural, and recreational sites including Stark’s Knob, Morgan’s Line, Lock 5 Island and Hudson Crossing Park.  Stark’s Knob, an amazing blend of natural and cultural significance, is a geological formation of volcanic origins unique in New York State.  It also was a key feature in the final defeat of the British Army at the Battles of Saratoga in 1777, an event of profound international importance.

The Town seeks to improve the economic condition of the community by supporting the enhancement of a network of related recreational, historical, and environmental experiences.  Two outsanding intermunicipal projects were identified in the Joint Open Space and Recreation Plan, a collaborative effort with the Town of Saratoga.  Schuyler Park, a community grassroots project, is designed primarily for active field sports but also offers a trail system.  Hudson Crossing Park, centered around the Lock 5 Island, is a favorite destination for both residents and visitors.

Town of Northumberland Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan