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Town of Saratoga

The Town of Saratoga was influenced by the Hudson River which connects centuries of momentous events and landmarks that shaped our nations freedom and the visual character of the Town.  Saratoga Lake and Fish Creek border it on the west and the Hudson River and Battenkill River to the east.  Most of the staging and events represented in the turning point of the Revolutionary War took place within the Town of Saratoga.  This important cluster of sites and monuments make Saratoga the centerpiece for heritage tourism initiatives.

The transportation revolution, brought on by the New York State Canal System, included the Champlain Canal as part of this region’s history.  General Philip Schuyler, an early advocate for canals, set up milling operations to take advantage of the canal and the ability to send products from the Saratoga region to markets in Troy, New York City and the world.

During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the area was attractive to many groups looking to build a future.  The Quakers, who established a meeting house (still active) in the southern end of the Town, were active in the Underground Railroad, helping others find their flight to freedom.

Today, agriculture remains an important part of the community ranging from Christmas tree farms, pick your own orchards, nurseries and sod farms, to llama, horse and dairy farms.  Currently, the growth in the agricultural community is in horse farms.  The thoroughbreds running at the Saratoga Race Course, and the standardbreds racing at Saratoga Gaming and Raceway, have become an important industry for the Town.

The Town of Saratoga prepared an Open Space and Recreation Plan jointly with the Town of Northumberland in 2007 to prepare for future land use decisions.  The plan sets priorities for preserving special places and promotes priority projects  such as the completion of segments of the Champlain Canal Trail and the construction of a waterfront park and boat launch on the Hudson River.

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