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Town and Village of Stillwater

Stillwater, the Site of the Turning Point of the American Revolutionary War, was established in 1788.   Like many early American towns, Stillwater flourished along its water ways, and today has reached a population of just under 10,000 residents.  In addition to over 3,000 acres of national park land, the town prides itself on vibrant rural landscapes, water access to the Hudson River and Saratoga Lake, a superior school system, and a variety of shops and eating establishment.  The character of Stillwater is further defined by large areas of open and agricultural lands, it’s compact village and crossroads hamlets, and the beauty and quality of the natural environment.

Home to the Saratoga National Historical Park, the town, village and hamlets tout many historical sites, particularly along the Hudson River. The Park receives over 100,000 visitors on an annual basis and is the center of tourism, a public park, and a historic landmark.  The Park’s General Management Plan, adopted in 2004, suggests a cooperative approach to creating stronger ties between the town, village, and the park, and building a base of heritage- based program events that can be co-promoted.

One major change within the town is the establishment of the GlobalFoundaries micro-chip plant in Stillwater and Malta.   This multi-billion dollar industry has the potential to create a flood of jobs, spin-off businesses and inevitably a spike in home building effecting schools, roadways and other town infrastructure.  Collaboratively, with surrounding communities, the town is assessing the impact this growth will have on local resources and studying ways to address the town’s future with this new industry while protecting and enhancing the town’s historic attributes, and quality of life. Through its comprehensive plan, the Town is committed to preserving its rural character, but also seeks a proper balance of essential growth to insure sustainability.  The Town is also seeking various funding streams to satisfy all planned projects.

The Town also continues to work with regional partners bringing to fruition the ideals of the Stewardship Plan and many others.  Projects indentified in the comprehensive plan are one of many ways the Town hopes to help bring regional projects to reality.

Town and Village of Stillwater Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan