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Gateway Visitor’s Center Desk

As we had discussed at the last partnership meeting, a desk was donated for use at the Gateway Visitor Center and it is currently being stored in the old town hall. When the current building is demolished and the new building constructed, we will need temporary storage for the desk. At this point, we do not know when demolition will begin or how long it will be before we can furnish the visitor’s center. If anyone can offer storage, the wonderful staff at Saratoga NHP have offered to move the furniture. Anyone who can assist us can contact me atinfo@lakestolocks.org or 518-637-4690. Please find the dimensions of the desk below.
Note: This is a wrap around desk, and the pieces are curved. There are a total of 6 pieces.
64.5″ W x 41.5″ H x 37″ D Two rounded pieces at these dimensions
47″ W x 43 H” x 20 D Two filing cabinets at these dimensions
57 W x 41.5″ H x 33″ D One rounded piece
One large oxbow that is 10″ across (10 FT  Wide x 6 FT Height oval diameter) l x 3″ Depth