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The Houser Farm Project

ASA proposes to conserve a 308 acre farm located on Route 40 (near WillardMountain and in the viewshed of the Battlefield) that incorporates an active dairy farm with a milking facility, the operator’s residence, corn and hay fields, woodlands, and wetlands. It is located on both sides of State Route 40. The cropland totals 130 acres or 39% of the property. The forested area falls on the west-facing hillside on the east side of State Route 40 and in the wooded ravine flanking Ensign Brook on the west side of Route 40. Together, these wooded areas encompass 167 acres and, in conjunction with other wooded properties, provide an extensive contiguous forested habitat for wildlife and native flora, including a population of tulip trees at an unusually northern edge of their range. Protecting this farm will create a 1,300-acre block of conserved farmland and completes the protection of Brotherhood Farms, which has already protected approximately 700 acres of its 1,000 acres (consisting of various properties located in Easton). A $28,000 grant from the Partnership would play a critical role in funding the transaction costs of conserving this farm estimated to total $243,787. A conservation partner will provide the remaining funds. Estimated time for completion: 6 to 8 months.

Total Project Cost — $243,787

Proposed Funding — $28,000