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City of Mechanicville

Mechanicville, with its nearly two miles of Hudson River waterfront, has been an important crossroads since Colonial times.  Like many communities in the northeast United States, Mechanicville was affected greatly by the 19th century Industrial Revolution.  Located just north of Albany, the city was a key point on the Erie Canal and Champlain Canal systems and a major hub for railroads and other industries.  The latter half of the 1800s and the early 1900s brought a succession of various immigrant groups, and the city’s rich character, to this day, is a reflection of these colorful Americans.

By the end of the 19th century, Mechanicville had established itself as a major rail center. The rail connections created hundreds of jobs locally for craftsmen and laborers in the transportation industry.  In the aftermath of the depression, that industry would be reshaped by consolidations and mergers, all of which would have a major impact on Mechanicville’s development as an industrial center and transportation hub.  Since then, the city has struggled with its identity and place in the Capital District landscape.

Things are turning around for Mechanicville as it becomes relevant in the immediate shadow of the GlobalFoundaries project.  Less than ten miles away, the Luther Forest Tech Park offers new hope for revitalization for the city. To prepare for the potential new demand for housing and downtown services, the City has been investing in planning for the downtown and the waterfront.  A Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and the Mechanicville Downtown Revitalization Strategy have recently been completed and implementation of the many vital projects is underway.

This effort is already showing signs of paying off for the City. Private investment in the Esplanade at the old Westvaco paper mill along the Mechanicville waterfront, now in the planning stages, will move towards defining Mechanicville as a distinctive destination.

Essential improvements to the City Dock are underway, and the planned rehabilitation of the Historic Railroad District  will celebrate the city’s transportation heritage.

City of Mechanicville Projects and Resources from Stewardship Plan