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Lakes to Locks Passage is a New York State Byway that is designated by the Federal Highway Administration as an “All-American Road.”  This Federal recognition is the “cream of the crop” of America’s historic and recreational Byways. The FHWA and the New York State Scenic Byway Program have supported community revitalization initiatives and promotion of the region to national and international markets through a discretionary grant program.

Lakes to Locks Passage Inc. is dedicated to furthering the appreciation, stewardship and revitalization of the natural, cultural, recreational and historic assets of the communities along the interconnected waterway of the upper Hudson River, Champlain Canal, Lake George, Lake Champlain in New York State. The Lakes to Locks Passage Corridor Management Plan is designed to promote the region as a premiere destination for national and international travelers seeking an authentic, place-based tourism experience, while fostering community pride and a commitment to stewardship of the region’s intrinsic resources. Two primary strategies guide current implementation efforts:

1.    The Heritage Center Strategy creates a network of communities that are prepared to “meet and greet” the visitor through existing local museums and facilities that reflect the community culture. Current activities include:

•    Build pride in communities.

•    Support local initiatives that help communities to become “a great place to live” — because a great place to live is also a great place to invest public resources, do business, and to visit.

•    Unify the communities along shared heritage of the interconnected waterway with a “seamless” interpretive experience that crosses political boundaries.

•    Provide multi-modal access to sites and attractions.

•    Identify unique community stories and develop authentic thematic experiences that can be delivered through interpretive products and 21st Century technology.


2.     The Lakes to Locks Passage collaboration with National Geographic promotes “Geotourism” to national and international audiences — defined as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place – its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.” The co-branded online travel guide promotes the places that are most respected and recommended by the people who live here. Current activities include:

•    Establish a unified regional identity along the shared waterway.

•    Deliver an authentic and meaningful experience through real people in real places.

•    Market the co-branded regional destination to national and international audiences through digital and print-media editorial content, supported by multi-modal travel itineraries and thematic experiences.

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