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February 27, 2017 Meeting Materials

Dear Membership,

I wanted to request that you take the opportunity to participate in the next Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership monthly meeting on Monday, February 27 at 10AM at the Saratoga Town Hall in Schuylerville NY.  Your attendance is requested due to a number of significant actions planned for the meeting.

At the last meeting, we discussed the By-laws and new governance model. With our on-going projects and future initiatives, we plan to introduce a resolution to accept the newly drafted By-laws bringing our organization into contemporary compliance with our enabling legislation.  The first important policy and procedure that needs to be in place relates to ethics. We hope to introduce a resolution to accept the draft ethics policy to govern our ongoing projects and activities.  We also plan to pass a resolution to establish a nomination committee chair so we can proceed with elections of up to eleven Directors. To facilitate this transition it is recommended that the existing Governance remain in place until the nomination committee presents their recommend slate of Directors and elections are held. Please be prepared to nominate your colleague for a position on the Board. For guidance please refer to the attach revised By-laws.

We also plan to present a draft agreement for the development of the Saratoga Surrender Site currently owned by the NY Open Space Institute. This is an agreement among three entities, Friends of Saratoga Battlefield, Open Space Institute, and the Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership.  The agreement provides guidance to enable the three entities to implement the existing site plan specifications for development as a public memorial with the eventual donation to Saratoga National Historical Park.  The latest draft of the agreement, which is a work-in-progress, is attached.

Please take note regarding a change to Monday’s Agenda;

Directly after introductions, Jon Bowermaster from Ocean 8 Films will present a short film on the Hudson River.


Transmitted on behalf of:
Tom Richardson
Chair, Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership


HHRP final draft Bylaws 

Surrender Site Management Agreement

2-27-17 HHHP Agenda

1-30-17 HH-Partnership-Minutes