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Partnership Assignment

Devin – This is to forward to the Partnership as we discussed this morning.

Two Assignments:

1. List any projects that have been completed in the last 5 years under the existing categories. Saratoga County Planning has started to work on listing projects but we are continuing to add to this list. Please show funding sources. At this point we are not sure how the information will go forward to demonstrate that town’s, cities and counties are carrying out the state’s Open Space Plan. Teri (teri@agstewardship.org) is collecting Washington County information. Rennsselaer County projects are in Region 4 and should be forwarded to Alane Chinian (Alane.BallChinian@parks.ny.gov).

2. Propose any new area’s that Supervisors or Mayor’s would like to see included in the next plan. We are proposing to retain ALL of the projects listed in the current plan. In our region we do not typically list an individual property – but instead looked at generic categories. Listing in the plan does NOT mean that the state is going to acquire the property. It means if a locality or non-profit – working with a willing land owner wants to protect or acquire a property – it is eligible for funding. Listing in the Plan can also mean additional widget’s/points when applying for grants.

The next meeting of the Region 5 Committee is March 22nd at the Saratoga Spa State Park at 10:00 am. We will need to have proposed additions no later than the 2nd week in April. Projects that have been completed should be submitted by the meeting on the 22nd of March.

Julie Stokes, Saratoga County Supervisors Representative to Region 5 Open Space Committee
Teri Ptacek, ASA, Agriculture Representative

2008 Region 4 Advisory Committee Report FINAL

Region 5 OSCAC 2009 Report 2-20